3 Things To Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Socks

If you have recently purchased a new suit and are trying to find the perfect pair of socks to coordinate with it, you may want a little guidance. Here are a few things you should look for when buying a pair of men's dress socks:

How do you pick the right color?

In the past, practically all dress socks for men were black. However, black is not always the best color to match with a suit. Black is certainly a neutral shade, but if worn with a light-colored suit, whenever the socks are displayed, such as times when you are sitting, they will draw attention to that area of your body. This can make it difficult for people to focus on your face and torso. Also, black socks may shorten the look of your legs. This is probably not an issue for tall men, but it may be undesirable for men who are a bit shorter.

As you look for the right hue, consider the color of your suit. It is best to match the color of the sock with that of your trousers. Since the socks will be adjacent to the pants, matching them to the trouser color can give a seamless, uniform appearance. However, if you are more expressive in your style, you can wear socks that display a pattern, such as argyle, that includes the color of the trousers.

The most daring option is to wear socks that purposefully contrast the trouser. It is important, however, that the contrast looks as though it is an intentional part of the style.

How long should the socks be?

When choosing a pair of dress socks for a suit, be sure that the socks are long enough not to display any skin when you are sitting. As you sit, the legs of your trousers will rise. Sometimes, only a hint of your ankle will show. However; depending on the cut of the trousers, a few inches of your leg above your ankle may be visible. In any case, the socks should extend high enough up the leg to prevent a flash of skin.

What material should the socks be made of?

The material of the socks can be based on the weather and your comfort level.


Socks that are made from cotton are naturally absorbent. This can be beneficial during warm months if your feet sweat a lot.


Wool socks allow a good amount of airflow. However, they are most appropriate for  cold weather due to their bulk and warmth.


Socks that are made of synthetic materials, such as polyester or acrylic, allow good airflow and are quite thin. Thus, they may fit well with dress shoes

Regardless of the material selected, it is best to have a dress sock that includes elastic. An elasticized cuff or elastic ribbing throughout the sock can help it fit well on the foot and stay high on the leg.

If you are considering purchasing a new pair of dress socks, review your available options online and buy mens socks online.