Tips For Selecting A Comfortable And Stylish Plus Size Bathing Suit

If you are a plus size woman dreading your yearly shopping trip to the mall for a comfortable and stylish bathing suit, then you have reason to be pleased. Swimsuit manufacturers of women's clothing have finally realized that not all women are built the same, so there are now wonderful options available for women of all body types.  

If you struggle to find a comfortable and stylish swimsuit, then follow these tips on your next shopping trip:

Tip: Printed Fabric on the Top Brings the Eye Upward

If you have a larger bottom half and a smaller chest, then you will look best in a swimsuit that draws the eye upward. The easiest way to accomplish this is to wear a swimsuit that has a print on the top and is one solid color on the bottom. The pattern draws the eye upward.

Since modern style is all the rage these days, a suit with a geometric pattern on the top and a classic brown or black bottom are stylish. Choose a suit that is not to high-cut on the thigh to prevent it from riding up. 

Tip: Printed Fabric on the Bottom Brings the Eye Downward

If your body is larger on the top than on the bottom, then you should choose a swimsuit that has a solid-color on top and a pattern on the bottom. This will draw the eye downward and help accentuate your smaller bottom. For example, suppose for a moment that you would like to find a suit this summer that is yellow since it is a very "in" color right now. Choosing a swimsuit that is solid yellow on the top and has a striped or flowered pattern on the bottom will show off your bottom and help camouflage your larger top half.

Tip: A Built-In Bra is Mandatory for Larger-Chested Women

If you have a very large bust, then it is vital for your comfort and style that you select a swimsuit that has a very supportive bra built into it. The bra will help keep your chest in place as you play in the sun and will keep you comfortable. When you are trying on swimsuits, take a moment to walk around and jump around in each suit. If you find yourself having to keep readjusting the fabric to stay covered, then move on to another swimsuit. The swimsuit you choose should keep everything in place, even when you are out playing on the beach or in the swimming pool with your children.