How To Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early

Have you pondered over past Christmases and realized that you were often flustered by all that you had to do on your list? Or, maybe you're the kind of person who is already well organized with things like decorating your home and giving Christmas presents. Either way, from sending our Christmas cards on time to selecting women's sweaters as gifts, here are some ideas that might help you to be organized as you approach Christmas Day:

Make A List And Check It Twice - Just like Santa is checking his list, be thorough as you complete yours:

  • Think about the people on your Christmas card list. If it's too long, consider eliminating people whom you see often and whom you can give Christmas greetings to in person. It might make better sense to just send cards and your annual letter to those who live far away or those whom you don't see often.
  • Make your gift list in the same way. Are you giving gifts to acquaintances who don't seem to appreciate them and who don't reciprocate. If you love giving them presents, by all means, go right ahead. But this Christmas might be the time that you trim the list and perhaps spend that money on charity organizations.

Pick A Theme - Think about selecting a theme for your gift giving. For example, think of making this an old-fashioned Christmas:

  • Remember those big bulky sweaters you have seen on women from places like Scandinavia or even places like Vermont? Sweaters would make a great gift for everybody on your list. Women's sweaters in bright colors with matching gloves would more than likely be well received by all of the recipients on your list.
  • The men and children on your list would also probably enjoy receiving an article of clothing that stands out in a crowd. For example, think of buying the men sweaters with colors of their favorite football team or college. For little ones, consider giving them sweaters and a toy to play with.

If you do decide to purchase sweaters for the people on your list, be sure to keep your list straight as you wrap them early. For example, it might be both comical and frustrating for a large man to receive a little girls colorful sweater with fringe at the bottom. Think about making tags before you even start wrapping. And, don't forget that gift bags are a super easy way to go.

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