All You Need Are Tees: The Right Way To Wear A Tee-Shirt For Any Occasion

Going out? Heading to the office? There is no need to change out of your tee; tee shirts are typically part of anyone's closet and their versatility makes them an essential staple. Try dressing-up and morphing your basic tee into a cute ensemble for any event, formal affair, or everyday activity.

Some ways to wear your basic tee shirt wherever you choose to go include:

A day of shopping. When you go shopping, it is integral to be comfortable. A pair of basic jeans and a basic tee can't be beat. This is perfect for digging around in thrift stores, standing in lines, fighting crowds, and chilling over drinks afterward.

Lunch with the ladies. If you have lunch planned with the girls, go ahead and wear a fresh, white tee. Pair this with a vest or vintage waist-coat and your favorite pair of slacks, shorts, or a skirt, for a cute lunch-appropriate look that will get you in any of the finest restaurants in town!

Dinner with the in-laws. Want to make a good impression on the in-laws? Wear a crisp, solid-color tee under your romper, jumper, or with a cute skort. This is a sweet look, but also allows you freedom to move and jump-up to tend to your future family members!

Work-day at the office. If your office sticks to a business-casual dress code, wear your favorite tee shirts under a blazer or with crisp linen pants. For fun, go with a graphic tee but skip anything that could be considered vulgar or offensive.

Meeting with special clients. Copy simple white tee pairs well with anything- including a gorgeous skirt, suit, or pair of linen pants. Look for light and gauzy bottoms for a flattering ensemble when you wear a fitted, knit tee, which complements any figure. Accessorize simply with a great bag and a few pieces of tasteful jewelry.

Date-night. Wear your basic white tee shirt- in organic cotton or bamboo for softness- with a silky sarong for a night out with your honey. This is comfortable enough for sitting in a movie theater, yet is also appropriate for going to a bar or coffee shop after.

Partying at the club. Layer a couple of your favorite tee shirts and pair with super-shiny leggings or a barely-there mini-skirt. Wear knee-high boots or great gladiator sandals to complete your club look.

Make sure to invest in crisp, fresh tees frequently to ensure yours are pristine and ready for anything! Try these tips for some runway-ready ensembles that will get you in the door of the most formal affairs. You can even find boutique tops for cheap, too.