Help Save The Earth By Choosing To Dress Your New Baby In Organic Cotton Clothing

If your family is dedicated to doing your part to help protect the earth from preventable damage, then you might want to consider clothing your new baby in organic cotton clothing. Organic cotton is grown on special farms where toxic chemicals are not used. This makes organic cotton more sustainable and eco-friendly than its commercially grown counterpart. This is largely due to the fact that traditional cotton farming uses a lot of pesticides. In fact, more pesticides are used to grow cotton than most other types of crops grown around the world today.

Why Organic Cotton Clothing is Best for Your Baby

Wearing organic cotton clothing reduces the need for the pesticides used to grow the cotton and it also is healthier for your baby because it causes less skin irritation. Even though the cotton is processed to remove the majority of the pesticide residue, some pesticides do still remain and can cause allergies and skin rashes to develop on your baby's delicate skin.

Why Organic Cotton is Better Than Synthetic Fiber Clothing

While synthetic fibers are a good alternative for many fabric uses, they are not so great for dressing your baby. Synthetic fabrics are generally made with plastics and petrochemicals that cause all sorts of problems with the human body. If you dress your child in synthetic fabrics, then you are subjecting their skin to the petrochemicals and plastics they were made out of. 

Comparing the Cost of Organic Cotton Clothing vs. Non-Organic Options

Depending upon where you purchase your baby's clothing, you may assume that the cost of organic cotton pieces would be a lot more expensive. However, this just isn't the case. While it is true that your local big box store or mall probably offers children's clothing items that are very inexpensive, there are many online sellers and some specialty shops that offer organic baby clothing at a very competitive price as well. As long as you shop carefully and watch for sales, your baby's organic wardrobe won't cost much more than one that is less healthy for their skin.

Consider Going Extra Eco-Friendly and Buy Used Organic Baby Clothing

Finally, since babies quickly outgrow their clothing, there is always a glut of used items for sale at local consignment stores, thrift stores, and yard sales. If you love the idea of going organic for your baby's clothing but are worried about prices, then you can always opt to purchase used items.