Tips For Buying Gymnastic Leotards For Your Child

If your child has developed a love of gymnastics, you'll probably be buying many leotards over the years as your child grows. Once your child starts entering competitions, you'll need to add high-quality leotards to your collection. Gymnastic wear comes in many colors and it's made from a variety of fabrics so your child can have a multitude of choices. Still, things such as fit and comfort are important. Here are some tips for buying gymnastic leotards.

Select The Right Size

Handed down leotards might not be the best option for your child. A close fit is needed so bulky fabric isn't caught on gym equipment. However, leotards that are too tight will restrict movement. To add to the confusion, sizing for leotards isn't completely universal. You'll need to take your child's measurements and then check them against a manufacturer's sizing chart to get the best size. Since leotards can be expensive, you'll want to buy the largest size that is comfortable and safe to wear so your child can wear them for as long as possible. The exception is competition gymnastic leotards which should fit as snugly against the body as possible to give judges a clear view of your child's moves while performing a routine.

Choose A Good Fabric

Some of the flashier fabrics are not very comfortable, so for training purposes, fabrics such as spandex and Lycra are good choices. They are lightweight and stretchy without being stiff and scratchy. Since they are stretchy, they may last longer while your child grows. They come in many colors and patterns so your child can have a nice collection of training leotards. When it comes to competition garments, you may want leotards made from a stiffer material so it can hold sequins and other embellishments. Competition leotards are usually more decorative than those worn for daily training and they are often much more expensive as well.

Choose An Appropriate Style

There may be regulations you'll want to know about in advance when it comes to the type of leotard allowed during training or competition. The garments come without sleeves or with sleeves of different lengths. They also have different styles in the back, some of which may not be allowed in competitions. If you want to ensure your garments will be suitable for most occasions then you'll probably want to buy leotards with sleeves and that have full backs.

Buy For Comfort

Above all else, you'll want to buy a leotard that is comfortable so that it doesn't distract your child and so it will get worn enough to get value for your purchase. Match the garment to your child's personality and sense of style. Your child may love everything pink but will refuse to wear a garment made from green material. Your child may be distracted by long sleeves, in which case you can buy sleeveless garments for training. Your child may do better in gymnastics if the leotard has a perfect fit so it doesn't interfere with movement or cause distraction due to stiff or itchy fabric.

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