4 Useful And Convenient Baby Essentials To Add To A Gift Basket

If your best friend is having a baby and the baby shower is taking place soon, you may want to put a special gift together for the baby. If you don't want to get the usual diapers and baby bath wash, you could make your own basket loaded with baby essentials. The items you decide to add to the basket may come in handy while increasing the newborn baby's comfort when he or she finally arrives. If you'd like to add some useful items to the basket, but you're not sure what to get, consider some of the options mentioned below.

1. Baby Wrap

Once the baby arrives, your best friend may spend a lot of time holding him or her, but that could make it difficult for her to get a lot of things done around the home. If she's not going to want to put the baby down, but she needs to have free hands from time to time, a baby wrap may be such a godsend for her. She can carry the baby around while freeing up her hands and getting all kinds of chores done throughout the day.

2. Cute and Comfortable Baby Pajamas

You can never have too many cute and comfortable pajamas for a baby, especially since they often end up with blowout diapers that cause such a mess. Find some baby pajamas with cute prints, phrases, or characters on them. Make sure you're purchasing them in a few different baby sizes so that your friend's little one will have room to grow in some of the pajamas.

3. Back Seat Mirror

A back-seat mirror is a great product to have when driving around with a newborn baby who needs to sit rear-facing. Your best friend could turn around and easily see the baby's face through the back-seat mirror. The baby can look in the mirror and see the mom's face, which may calm him or her down a bit.

4. Swaddling Blankets

Rather than taking the traditional route of purchasing baby blankets, consider getting swaddling blankets. Instead of fussing in the middle of the night while trying to wrap the baby up and make sure he or she is comfortable, your best friend could easily wrap the new baby in one of the simple and easy-to-use swaddling blankets. The blankets are great for newborns because they increase comfort and make them feel like they're back in the womb.

If you'd like to make your own gift basket for your best friend who is getting ready to have a baby, these are some great items to add to the basket. The items are convenient, useful, and beneficial for both the new parents and the baby.