Why Buy Sustainable Swimwear?

If you are planning on shopping for a new swimsuit this season, consider going with a sustainable option. Sustainability refers to materials and manufacturing that are eco-friendly and gentle on the environment.

Why would you want to buy sustainable swimwear? There are many reasons:


Eco-friendly fabrics are typically made to last, so when you buy a sustainable swimsuit, you can anticipate longevity. Fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo are soft to the skin and hold up well after wear and washing. You may be able to purchase fewer swimsuits over your lifetime when you buy products that are environmentally sustainable.

Fewer Chemicals

Sustainable clothing manufacturers use fewer chemicals and toxins in the process of making your garment. They eliminate harmful dyes, treatments, and solutions that many synthetic and non-sustainable types of apparel utilize.

Fair Wages

When you buy a product from a brand that prioritizes sustainability, you can expect that the working conditions are better and that employees are receiving a fair wage for the work that they do. The Fair Trade Act protects and advocates for those that work in these industries, making sure that they are not working under sweatshop conditions.


Sustainable garments, like swimwear, are recyclable and reusable. These are the items that can be used when you are done wearing them at the beach or pool and recreated into new, useful products. Furthermore, sustainable clothing is often made from biodegradable fabrics, like silk and hemp.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Another compelling reason to buy sustainable clothing, such as a sustainable summer swimsuit, is that it reduces the carbon footprint left behind by the fashion industry. Manufacturing apparel can wreak havoc on the environment, from the chemicals used in production to the emissions of the factories and plants. Buying sustainable swimwear lessens this burden and can make a tangible difference when embraced widely.

Buyers should know that sustainability can come at a cost, as sometimes the prices are slightly higher than synthetic alternatives. This differential comes from production costs, but that sustainability more than pays for itself in eco-friendly benefits over time. Also, you may find gently used eco-friendly options from consignment stores or online thrift retailers that are budget-friendly.

When you are shopping for swimwear, consider spending a little bit more on sustainable options. Consider these reasons why it makes sense to invest your money in apparel that is kinder and gentler on the environment. The longer life and benefits will resources over time while also reducing the impact left on the world. 

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