Why You Need A Pair Of Sandals In Your Closet

Foam sandals have been called "pirate sandals," "camp sandals," and even "lazy flip-flops." But no matter what you call them, these simple sandals are more versatile and wearable than you might think. They only cost a few dollars a pair, and they are definitely worth adding to your closet. Here's why.

You can slip them on and off, hands-free

Do you ever find yourself struggling to slip some shoes on before heading out the door to grab the mail or water your flowers? It's tough when you have something in your arms and don't want to bend down. Foam sandals are easy to slide on without any hands. You simply slide your forefoot into the shoe with the plastic piece between your big toe and next toe, and then you wiggle your heel around a little until the sandal back climbs up your heel. Leave your sandals by your back door, and they'll become your favorite slip-on shoes.

They're a more stable option for the beach

When it comes to beach footwear, you really have two options. You can wear full water shoes, which tend to get heavy and then fall off. (Plus, they get sand inside of them, and that's uncomfortable.) Or, you can wear flip-flops, which have the tendency to get pulled off if you step in a little gully of water or deep sand. Foam sandals are the perfect alternative. The back strap makes them more stable on your feet than flip flops, and yet they are still open, so they allow your feet to breathe and the sand to drain out. As a bonus, the foam tends to be printed in bright, beachy colors and patterns, so they fit right in.

They're comfortable

So many styles of sandals look nice but are actually uncomfortable for your feet. Flip-flops are a good example. They look cool, but they can cause abrasions between your toes and make your feet sore because you have to contract your muscles to hold them on. Slip-on athletic sandals can cause a similar soreness over the forefoot. Foam sandals, however, tend to put even pressure over your foot, and although they go between your toes, they don't put pressure between your toes because they're held on by the back strap.

Everyone needs a pair of foam sandals in their closet. They're versatile, comfortable, and convenient. 

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