Protecting Yourself From Insects While You Are Outdoors

Pests and insects can be an issue that may make it hard for you to enjoy your time outdoors. In addition to causing painful or itchy bites, these pests may also carry diseases that they can spread. Luckily, there are insect repellent clothing options that can help you to minimize the issues that these pests cause for you.

Consider The Primary Pests That You Will Need To Repel

While insect repellent clothing can be an extremely effective option for protecting yourself against insect bites, you have to be aware that these garments may not be able to repel every type of insect. Rather, you will want to consider the types of insects that are the most likely to target you or to cause other problems while you are outside. By reviewing the pests that these garments are able to repel, you will be better able to make an informed choice about the insect repellent clothing options that will best meet your outdoor needs.

Be Careful When Washing The Insect Repellent Clothing

Insect repellent clothing will be treated with substances that will help drive these pests away from you. However, it is possible for these chemicals to break down over time, and this will gradually reduce their effectiveness. To minimize the effects that washing these garments has on their effectiveness, you may want to only use cold water and to avoid machine drying them. Exposure to intense heat can also cause these insect repellents to break down more quickly, and this can reduce the effectiveness of these garments. Many insect repellent clothing options will be rated to withstand being washed a minimum number of times before they start to lose effectiveness. Depending on the quality of the insect repellent clothing that you have purchased, they may be able to withstand a greater number of washings before these substances break down.

Protect The Exposed Portions Of Your Skin

Unfortunately, it can be possible for some pests to still target you while you are wearing these garments. This is particularly true on windy days as the rapidly moving air may cause the scent of the insect repellents to dissipate before they are able to have an impact on these pests. To protect yourself in these situations, it is advisable to continue to use topical insect repellent along with these garments. This can maximize the protection that you enjoy and minimize the risk of your time outdoors resulting in a number of uncomfortable bites and stings.

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