Order Custom T-Shirts For Your Gardening Club

If you're an avid gardener, you might have recently set up a community garden in which local residents can rent small plots of land to grow plants throughout the summer. There's a good chance that you spend a lot of time in this garden, perhaps to the point that you've formed a gardening club with others who use this space. You may wish to celebrate your group by ordering custom T-shirts that everyone can wear when they're working in the community garden. This attire can give your group a unified look, and when your members wear their shirts in various public areas, others may notice them and wish to join your club. Here are some design ideas to consider.


It's ideal if you have a logo for your gardening club, as this design will help to give the club more legitimacy. Many T-shirt printing companies have graphic artists who come up with custom logos based on clients' suggestions. It can be fun to think of some ideas for a logo, pass them along to the graphic artist, and wait to see their renderings. You can then select which logo suits you best — it will likely include your name and perhaps a simple graphic such as a gardening tool — and then have this logo appear on the T-shirt. You might favor a small rendering on the chest of the shirt.


Lots of groups have slogans, so it's worthwhile to come up with one for your gardening club. You could encourage your members to submit some slogan suggestions, and then have everyone vote on their favorite. Once you've chosen one, you'll want this phrase to appear on your custom T-shirt design. You can design the shirt to feature the slogan in various locations, but having it appear across the upper part of the back can be a good idea. This part of the shirt will be easily visible when people are bent over as they work in the garden, so the members will enjoy seeing it.

Crop List

Another option to consider for your gardening club's custom T-shirt design is to compile a list of the crops that your group grows. This list may include potatoes, carrots, onions, beans, and more. This sizable list could appear in a bulleted style on the back of the shirt. Those who see the shirt when your members are wearing it will be excited about how many crops the club grows and may wish to join. Contact a custom T-shirt company to discuss ideas for your gardening club.

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