3 Reasons To Screen Print Your T-Shirts

Providing your customers with access to custom t-shirts can be a great way to boost sales while generating more advertising traction. When it comes to producing quality t-shirt designs, screen printing can be your best option. Here are three reasons why you should consider screen printing your t-shirts in the future. 1. Screen printing provides versatility in your design. If you are looking for a way to set your t-shirts apart from those offered by your competitors, creating captivating designs is critical. Read More 

3 Things To Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Socks

If you have recently purchased a new suit and are trying to find the perfect pair of socks to coordinate with it, you may want a little guidance. Here are a few things you should look for when buying a pair of men's dress socks: How do you pick the right color? In the past, practically all dress socks for men were black. However, black is not always the best color to match with a suit. Read More 

“Accidental Fur”–A Humane Alternative To Fur

Fur was one of the first materials used to make clothing.  Although the popularity of fur today is less than it was even fifty years ago, it still has properties that make it desirable to many people.  It is very warm and it is durable.  In some cultures, fur is seen as glamorous and sophisticated, and is worn often by very affluent people.  Cultures in very cold climates depend on fur to stay warm in extreme temperatures. Read More 

Three Things You Should Never Do Before Bringing Your Wedding Gown To The Dry Cleaner

Whether you purchased a wedding gown or are wearing a family heirloom, you've probably considered preserving it for your daughter, niece or other family member. A dry cleaner can help you preserve a wedding gown so that many future generations can use it, but there are some types of damage they can't undo. Gowns require special handing and care. After the ceremony and before you get it to the dry cleaner, there are three things you should never do to a wedding gown. Read More 

Would You Like Smart Lenses With Those Frames? The Future Of Smart Glasses Has Arrived

When Google Glass came out, it was a laughing stock, mostly because of its bulky, ugly appearance. Since it was such a failure, you would think that the future of smart glasses for consumers would be dead, but just the opposite is true.  Smart Glasses Never Died, They Just Changed While smart glasses never made it in the consumer market, they are being tested and becoming well-accepted in other areas, such as the military and medical community. Read More