How to Prepare for Working on a Military Base as a Police Officer

If you have received a job offer from the Department of Defense, then you can start your career as a government police officer. Crime on military bases is not quite as extreme as working for your local city. You have your domestic violence cases, disorderly conduct, shoplifting, theft, rape and occasional murders. However, DOD police officers are often paid a higher salary than working as a city cop. Read on to find out how to prepare for working on a military base as a police officer. Read More 

Tips For Buying Gymnastic Leotards For Your Child

If your child has developed a love of gymnastics, you'll probably be buying many leotards over the years as your child grows. Once your child starts entering competitions, you'll need to add high-quality leotards to your collection. Gymnastic wear comes in many colors and it's made from a variety of fabrics so your child can have a multitude of choices. Still, things such as fit and comfort are important. Here are some tips for buying gymnastic leotards. Read More